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Who are the Goodpasture Island Neighbors?

Goodpasture Island Neighbors is a neighborhood association that includes all residents, property and business owners within the boundaries south of Beltline Highway between the Willamette River and Delta Highway in Eugene, Oregon.

Delta Ponds Wildlife Talk at the Neighborhood Meeting in April

WHERE:  Island Lakes Condos Clubhouse, 1980 Lake Isle Dr., Eugene, OR 97401
WHEN: Tuesday, April 10 at 7 PM

TOPICS TO INCLUDE: Delta Ponds Mammal Wildlife Presentation from Laurie Holts, Natural Resources Coordinator, City of Eugene, Public Works/Parks and Open Space. For more information contact GIN Chair Richard Hamilton by e-mail. Check the GIN website, our page on Facebook, and our page on NextDoor

Beavers are returning to Goodpasture Island.
Beavers are returning to Goodpasture Island.

Living with Beavers on Goodpasture Island

Our neighbors Rae Karp-Curtis and Greg McPherson are working to raise awareness of the growing beaver population on Goodpasture Island and effects upon the urban environment. Should the City of Eugene’s nurtured beaver population success at Delta Ponds end in lethal destruction of beaver that cross the streets or ponds into private ponds and greenways? Or is LIVING WITH BEAVER a better solution for people and our urban ecosystems?

Learn more:

We want your thoughts and input on this Issue! For more information, e-mail Greg McPherson of the Goodpasture Island Neighbors (GIN) Living With Beavers Committee.

Are you ready for the big QUAKE????

earthquake“The next one will be a monster,” DeVonne Maxey of the City’s Office of Emergency Management told attendees at GIN’s general meeting in October. The US Geological Survey and the Oregon Department of Geology have documented that the Juan de Fuca plate is diving under the North American plate building up immense pressure. At some point something’s got to give. They tell us “the big one” is overdue.

Click here to download the pamphlet “Living on Shaky Ground,” 2009. Earthquake Education Center, Humboldt State University used with permission by Oregon Emergency Management.

Visit the Eugene Emergency Management Website or call 541-682-6000 for additional information.

Goodpasture Island Neighborhood Volunteer Events
Working to Beautify Delta Ponds Park – Your Help is Needed!

Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, But because they are priceless. — Author Unknown

Park Stewards Sign-in Station
Park Stewards Sign-in Station

By Charlene Simpson and Cheryl Gissiner Hundreds of people visit Delta Ponds Park to enjoy the outdoors, watch birds, and learn about habitat enhancement for juvenile Chinook salmon and Western pond turtles. Goodpasture Island Neighborhood (GIN) residents have a special interest in seeing that the park is well maintained and managed. The Park is a treasure that affects quality of life and property value on the island. Goodpasture Island Neighborhood Association (GIN) has signed on to be a Park Adoption Group. Volunteers donate time and labor to weed and mulch around recently planted native shrub starts. During the current two-year commitment volunteers have been assigned to a slope along the East Bank Trail in the southwest Delta Ponds area. Come join in the fun. Meet on the bike path behind the Keifer Mazda car dealership. Work gloves, knee pads, tools and refreshments are provided. Contact Volunteer Team Leader Cheryl Gissiner, 541-515-6786 or at for information.

Marist High School Volunteers
Marist High School Volunteers

Alien Invaders: Noxious Weeds and Invasive Ornamentals Found on Goodpasture Island

Noxious weeds may be pretty, but after we get to know them we discover their lifestyles push us beyond tolerance. These bullies aggressively out-compete other plants for available water, nutrients, light, and space. Reproductively dominant, they form single species stands that render an ecosystem inhospitable for birds, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. [READ MORE]

 The mission of the organization is to build community at the neighborhood level and improve the livability of our neighborhood by:

  • Sponsoring neighborhood improvement projects and social events
  • Providing a forum to identify, discuss, and resolve neighborhood issues
  • Establishing a two-way communication between neighborhoods and the City, and between neighborhoods and other external agencies
  • Educating neighbors on issues, public process, City services, and elections
  • Identifying and advocating the Neighborhood Association’s position on issues such as land use, transportation, public safety, and social services.
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