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General Meeting (2012-02-08)

February 8, 2012
By Charlie Cole, Board Chairman

Our General Meeting on February 8 was most interesting. We elected a new At-Large Board Member, Scott Smith, to fill a needed vacancy.

We then went through discussions describing the GIN, what it encompasses, how it was formed, how the first officers were selected, etc. There were some questions, but seemed to be no problems for the attendees understanding what was happening.

Principle presenters were three persons from the Eugene’s Pedestrian/Bicycle Advisory Committee and the GEARS cycling club.

A very good discussion focused for the most part on the pedestrian safety problems along Goodpasture Island Road, especially at Alexander Loop. Many concerns were expressed about the impact on traffic on the entire island and residents movements, especially at the Goodpasture Island Road/Delta Highway intersection. Interestingly, a Eugene Associate Transportation Planner was there – and he heard it all. He has only been in the job since September and obviously was not aware of all the concerns we were expressing. This classically demonstrates how our advisory role can have a direct impact in city planning. He did say they expected to repave Goodpasture Island Road from Kingsley Road to Marie Calendars this coming summer.


There were several concerns expressed about criminal activity in the neighborhood, particularly in the vicinity of Village Plaza. The Board will be working with the Eugene Police Department to gather data regarding these concerns and discussing possible recommendations to reduce these incidents. Accurate data is necessary in order for the Board to address the issue. Neighborhood residents can assist by ensuring all such incidents are reported to the Eugene Police.