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Board Meeting (2012-06-26)

Location: Columbia Conference Room, Willamette Oaks

Attendees: Board Members Charlie Cole, David Larson, John Helmer, Richard Hamilton (Chair reported that Board Secretary, Dennis Gregory, and Board Member, Scott Smith, had resigned. Therefore a quorum was present at this meeting.)

Absentees: Board Members Mike Edwards and Webb Sussman

Guests: Cheryl Gissiner, Charlene Simpson

Agenda Items Discussed:

Minutes of May 30, 2012 – Draft of Minutes were distributed by Chair Charlie. Those present read and discussed them. Unanimously approved to publish as is and file into official record.

Board Secretary – Former Secretary resigned due to moving from the GIN area. Discussion was held as to need for a replacement. Chairman asked for suggestions and/or volunteers. Cheryl Gissiner volunteered after learning what was required of position. David Larson nominated Ms. Gissiner, John Helmer seconded nomination and it was unanimously passed.

Ms. Gissiner’s term will be effective June 26, 2012. She will serve the remaining term of the resigned Secretary and be eligible for election by the GIN membership at the Annual Meeting in October.

Nominating Committee – A three member nominating committee needs to be appointed by the Chair prior to the annual meeting. The Committee is to include one Board member and two non-Board members. Chair Charlie intends to visit with Vice Chair Mike Edwards regarding his intentions on serving on the GIN Board. Once Committee has been established, Notice of the creation of the committee and of the annual election date will be published in the Association Newsletter prior to the meeting.

GIN Project – After much discussion, several community meetings and a report submitted by Chair Charlie and Board Member David of a meeting with the City of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces department, Richard Hamilton moved that the playground project be terminated. David Larson seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed.

The Board would like to express its sincere thanks and appreciation for all of the time and hard work devoted by John Helmer who headed the Project.

Newsletter – Because Joanne Todd was not in attendance at the meeting, it was decided to curb discussion on expenses and additional issues. However, Chair will provide his Comments to Joanne by the required deadline.

Chair did raise the question on whether Board Meeting minutes should be included in the newsletter. It was discussed and decided that the Chair could summarize them in his Comments section of the newsletter.

Cheryl Gissiner also suggested that the Minutes be published on the website.

Notice of Public Hearing – The Board reviewed the Chair’s proposed testimony to the Eugene Planning Commission regarding the PUD. After lengthy discussion, several revisions were suggested by various Members which will be incorporated.

Chair requested approval from Board to present the revised version which was approved. All Board members will be provided with Charlie’s testimony and a copy will also be included in the GIN files.

The Board’s position will be discussed and presented at the General Meeting in August.

Other – Chair will be contacting Mike Edwards and Web Sussman regarding their desire to continue to serve as Board members. He will also inquire with Neighborhood Services about replacing Board members.

Next General Meeting – Chair to contact Assistant Principal of Marist High School to confirm use of space; also arrange for microphone and any other equipment deemed necessary.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Update of Board Activity
  • Delta Ponds and How We Can Help
  • Comments on PUD
  • Facilitate Discussion on Community Safety

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.