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2017-05-09 – GIN Board Meeting Minutes


05.09.17 Meeting began at 7:00 P.M. at Willamette Oaks


Richard Hamilton, Chair, Greg Mc Pherson, Co-Chair, Rae Karp-Curtis, Secretary-Treasurer Board ,  Gil Osgood, Board member at large.  Dave Larson unable to attend.

Richard Hamilton discussed the progress of the East Pond Trail System. He reported that Neil Bjorkson of Parks and Open Spaces must direct Katie Blair-Tsaris to initiate the process to continue and that it will include fund-raising for the trails which is likely to include the assistance of our Goodpasture Neighbors Asociation.  To update on 4/11/17, the City sent a detailed email showing the plans and projections to support this project. Please see posts on GIN, Next Door and Facebook websites.  Richard plans to continue follow-up on this on-going project.

5/9/17  Richard states he is waiting for city decision on funding.  He is concerned with needing matching grants. Shelly Miller has asked us all to send an email to Mike Clark to show support for the trail.  Check Facebook for the email address. 

Our website continues to be funded by board members Rae and Greg. The website is now up and running with the help of webmaster Joanne Todd.  Ms. Todd has generously offered to continue to run the website and will be assisted by Charlene Simpson who has been our writer and has offered to continue in that role.  This situation will assist us in continuing to develop the website as a main method of communication with our members. A portion of this expense will eventually be covered in-part by the city.

5/9/17  No updates noted.

 A grant has been filed with the City of Eugene by members of G.I.N. to fund $500.00 to create an additional website page to be a vehicle to provide information and community education to positively support the lives of our native beaver population. An outreach bulletin page discussing this project is to be distributed to many local businesses and residences by Mr. Mc Pherson and Ms. Karp-Curtis. This information has been distributed to neighbors in the past as well.

5/9/17  The Grant was approved and is likely to receive funding by the city at the Grant Consent meeting on April 24th. This City Council Grant Consent meeting will be attended by Greg and Rae to address any lingering concerns regarding this website page development.

5/9/17  Now we need to get data together and start actual website creation.  A question whether Peter has time came up.  What is the answer???

Tonight a discussion was held on the increase of unsafe traffic on the island. Greg will follow-up on the issue as he has continued to contact the city regarding this issue.  To support our position, Greg sent a power point presentation to Althea Sullivan, Assistant Planner at the City of Eugene.  Althea responded and provided information that was shared by email links regarding Alexander Loop developments. These links have been posted to the Gin website, Facebook and Next Door.  The board is attempting to line up a member of Alethea’s staff to speak at the June 20th.  General Meeting.

Richard plans to contact Laurie Holts of the City of Eugene to attend a future meeting to present information on the urban beaver and the sensitive floral and fauna of our urban wilderness areas as these issues present more reasons to complete the trail system.

5/9/17  No action taken so far.

Greg Mc Pherson plans to record videos of the river trail and ponds areas for GIN members who might not be able to walk the trails so they can easily enjoy our neighborhood. This will be part of GINs’ community outreach program. These recordings will be provided through links available through the various websites and may encourage additional individuals to use the websites.  The videos include two short Easter U-tubes videos showing baby geese at our local ponds and trails.

5/9/17  No new video yet. They will be posted to FB and Next Door.

Our yearly Schedule needs to be posted to GIN city website.  Joanne will be contacted as board members have attempted to post these items using our GIN Neighbors website and have been unsuccessful. The website is designed to handle multiple schedules and will successfully display these dates when the issues are resolved.

Several board members have been invited to attend the yearly “Annual Neighbors 101 Training.”   Greg and Rae successfully completed this training last November.

5/9/17  The question and answer session followed and residents presented concerns regarding housing issues in the area. These issues will be addressed in detail at future meetings with speakers who have information on the housing additions proposed in areas closely connecting with Goodpasture Island Neighbors. These residential changes will impact many neighborhoods and it has been suggested that GIN combine our resources with surrounding neighborhood associations as we address these huge increases in traffic and other resources in our neighborhoods.  Our June 20 meeting quest speaker will help address this issue.

New Business:

Richard will contact Mike Clark about speaking at our October General meeting.

Rae will start calling members prior to our meetings to make sure they are available.

Next scheduled general meeting is for June 20, 2017 at Marist High School at 7:00 P.M.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Rae Karp-Curtis

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